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Just about ready to reopen! Check in from time to time...I'm not quite ready because I have to re-inventory everything XD.
Novis Orbus Librarium

What ho-hee?

So I'll be laying out the ground rules hereeee..... yep. So we have a mutual understanding about things yes?
Here we go!

Ordering from me:
  • Prices are always listed in USD (since I do business within the US of course).  IMPORTANT: please international customers contact me before purchasing.
  • Shipping will be calculated accordingly as I will be using the USPS for my shipping. I will give you a choice of shipping method and you can select what is most convenient for you. Please PLEASE do NOT list your zip code on my LJ for your privacy protection. I will contact you by email.
  • Comment on the post if you are interested in the item and leave your email as well. Let me know what item you're interested in buying and I will email you information such as shipping and we'll take it from there.
  • Bargaining is welcome, but it needs to be reasonable.
  • SERIOUS BUYERS ONLY! I will contact you in three days if you commented that you're interested and if someone else wanted the item and is willing to pay for it immediately, I will sell the item off to them.
  • Trading is NOW open! Look at my Wishlist/Tradelist for more. No longer accepting trades, with a few exceptions, see "Trades" post below.

Payment options:
  • Paypal is my preferred payment option. Buyer is responsible for all fees.
  • Check
  • Concealed Cash (at your own risk of course!)

Kaga wants luffs~

  • Feedback is much appreciated by the way <3
  • Feedback can be left here in my LJ (under this entry), in GSJ's feedback page (preferably), or for Gothic Lolita/Lolita fashion related transactions please leave feedback on the loligoth_dbs page.
  • For contact info see below:

Still baffled?

  • Drop me a line! Comment box, my xanga, email, AIM (I'm rarely on IM though).


Novis Orbus Librarium

Wish List!

Trade/Wish List Under the Cut~
Note: I am no longer ac
cepting trades! I really need cash more than anything as I'm running out of space for stuff. For now, I will only trade for the highlighted items in the list but only on a case-by-case basis.
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